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Arc pressure torch height regulator

Arc pressure torch height regulator
Arc pressure torch height regulator
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Product Code : KSR
Product Description

In a certain voltage range with constant current characteristics of plasma cutting torch height control. Apply to Most imported or domestic models. the working principle:
By using the basic constant current characteristic of plasma power supply, the height of cutting torch is controlled by detecting the change of plasma arc voltage to detect the height change of the cutting torch in the plasma cutting process. 
Basic functions:
Automatic initial positioning:
two methods: The protection cap detection and switch location detection. The switch location is achieved by NPN proximity switch (normally open /2mm).
The torch anti-collision:
Once the torch touched plate, the detection circuit will make the torch return to the height of the initial positioning. Automatic height control.
the given arc pressure and the actual arc voltage display and monitoring: given arc voltage is displayed before the arcing, and the actual arc voltage is displayed after the perforation is delayed.
Arc voltage enable output: by setting the SET-PIERE potentiometer on the panel, the output signal is delayed. The signal is achieved by detecting whether there is arc voltage, and the output signal is the switching volume.
Manual operation function: it can realize automatic, manual rise and fall, initial location test and arcing test on the operation panel.
Automatic operation: after the cutting program sends out the arcing signal, the height controller will automatically accomplish the initial location arcing arc pressure enabling signal. CNC receives the arc pressure enable number and controls the machine tool to start cutting.
Detection range of arc length: automatic control is achieved by detecting the range of input voltage and controlling the sensitivity of plasma reaction.
Perforation height: to protect nozzle cap and lift height(optional). The way of arc voltage detection is isolation partial pressure detection, and the ratio of partial pressure is 100:1.


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