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Dental Treats Extrusion Machine

Dental Treats Extrusion Machine
Dental Treats Extrusion Machine
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Product Description

General Introduction:Dental Treats Machine produces dog treats and pet chew by combining a tasty treat and fresh breath all-in-one. The pet treat helps clean dogs teeth and freshen breath, all while satisfying the canine instinct to chew.

Basic Procedure of Pet Treats Extruding Machine:
Mixing - Extruding - Cooling - Cutting - Cooling

Advantages of Dog Chew Extrusion Machine:Dog Chew Extruding Machine guarantees the highest level of production efficiency and maximum quality of the final product.

Chewy texture of dental treats made by Dog Snacks Machine helps scrub off plaque and tartar buildup, while your dog stays busy chewing away.
Dental Chew Machine offers extruder machine to cook and form multi-colors pet snack, one color, two color and three colors can be realized. Pet snacks & treats can be made with innovative new shapes by changing the molds to successfully to be popular.

Some twisted and even with bright colors, can now be found in supermarkets and specialized pet shops. Patented designed Twist Dog Treats Machine can make twist treats with one color, two colors and three colors. Comparing with the competitive equipment in the marker, our Twist Dog Treats Machine has more reasonable structure, longer service life, more advanced sealing, and easier clean and maintenance method. We have applied Patent Certificate for Twist Dog Treats Machine.

Another innovation of Dental Chew Production Line is its Tunnel Cooling Machine. It can be widely used to cool materials with various kinds of ingredients to reach a certain of hardness, thus could meet the cutting requirements with smooth edges, no matter the materials are hard, soft or sticky.

Cutting Machine of Dog Dental Chew Machine could realize the dental treats with different thickness, from 0.5cm to 30cm.
Easy clean and maintain all the equipment of Pet Treats Extruding Line, also has full-life service life by providing technology and formulation updates.

Technical Parameters of Dog Treats Extruder Machine:








30 x 5 x 3m




40 x 5 x 3m


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