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PVC sheet machine PVC marble sheet extrusion machine

PVC sheet machine PVC marble sheet extrusion machine
PVC sheet machine PVC marble sheet extrusion machine
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Product Description

PVC marble sheet extrusion machine

PVC  marble sheet is  widely used for decoration, such as tile, table top, waist line, door window line, sunshade arc, stair lintel, publicity column frame, frame lines, etc., can be used in high-grade hotels, shopping malls, residential, villa, KTV etc. Buildings decoration. 

advantage of PVC marble board

Environment friendly: production of imitation marble main raw material is natural stone powder (calcium carbonate)

Product Thin and light: imitation marble only 3.1-3.8mm thickness, weight per square meter only 6-7KG, less than 10% of common ground materials. In high-rise buildings and space for building body bearing savings, with an unparalleled advantage. At the same time it has a special advantage in the transformation of old buildings.

super wear: Because with superior wear resistance, so the larger flow of people in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transport and other places, imitation marble slab has been gaining popularity.
high elasticity and superior impact

  • super slip
  • fire retardant
  • waterproof
  • Sheet width 1220mm
    Thickness: 3-8 mm
    PVC marble sheet extrusion machine Process flow:
    Mixer Spiral loader→SJSZ80 double-screw extruder Mold Three-roller calendar (online laminating)→Cooling group rollers→hull off machine→Transversal cutter Edge cutter ’Conveyor UV treatment


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